May 28, 2021 Update

The County of Marin and MAPE representatives conducted their 15th bargaining session on May 27, 2021. The parties have reached tentative agreement on two items.  The County’s most recent package proposal, passed on May 27, 2021, includes the following:

  1. Term
    Three (3) Years (July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2024)
  2. Wages
    Year 1 – 1.5%* and a $1200.00 one-time payment for regular hires, prorated to FTE
    Year 2 – 2.5%
    Year 2 – 2.0%

* COLAS are effective the first full pay period in July, or in the first full pay period following after approval by the Board, whichever is later (no retroactivity).

  1. Fringe Benefits
    Continue to adjust County health insurance contribution in December of each year of the contract by 0-5% for the employee + 1 and employee + family plan levels when the premium increases to the County’s Kaiser S plan (or the County’s lowest cost HMO at the time).
  2. Recruitment and Retention Increase
    Provide 2.0% recruitment and retention adjustment for Crisis Specialist and Licensed Crisis Specialist classification.  Study future alignment over term of Agreement.
  3. Grievance Arbitration
    Jointly develop online/electronic grievance filing system using existing grievance form where possible using existing County technologies.
  4. Retirement Contribution for Regular Part-Time Employees
    County will pay 2.5% of gross wages in addition to the employee’s 7.5% contribution for part-time, regular hire employees not eligible for MCERA membership (less than 0.75 FTE).
  5. Natural Disaster Leave
    The County will approve up to three (3) working days paid administrative leave in any twelve (12) month period where an employee’s primary residence, located in California, is rendered uninhabitable due to fire, flood, or earthquake.  Request must be approved by CAO.  Documentation must be provided within a reasonable period of time.  If adequate documentation is not provided, leave will be charged against any of the employee’s other paid time off accrual(s).
  6. Administrative Response Compensation (ARC)
    The County will increase rate from $2.50 to $3.50/hour and add the Emergency Medical Services Specialist classification to the classifications eligible for ARC. 
  7. Expansion of Jail Differential
    The County will extend the existing ten percent (10%) hourly assignment differential to Senior Custodian, Custodian, and Environmental Compliance Specialists when they are assigned to work in the County Jail.
  8. Collection Officers
    In fiscal year 2021-2022, the County will create a sliding classification for Collection Officer I to Collection Officer II. During the term of the Agreement, the County will create a Senior Collection Officer classification to create a career ladder.
  9. Bilingual
    Agree to only use the bilingual classification, where such bilingual classification exists, when the County determines, at the time of recruitment, the County would only hire an applicant with bilingual skills.
  10. License Reimbursement
    The County will add the following classifications as being eligible for license reimbursement for regular hire employees: (1) Public Defenders, (2) Clinical Psychologists, (3) Staff Psychiatrists, (4) Mental Health Practitioners. 
  11. Behavioral Health Care Assistant (BHCA)
    Modify class from 37.5-hour to 40-hour classification. Joint petition to modify unit/include in HHS MOU. Apply following provisions of MAPE HHS MOU (as currently numbered) to BHCA, cleaning up language as currently proposed: 
    • Section VIII.B.5.g (minimum off duty/double back)
    • Side Letter (missed breaks)
  12. Nurses Working Consecutive Shifts
    Increase existing stipend from $175.00 to $200.00
  13. Career Development/Recruitment and Retention Committee
    Create committee to discuss issues on quarterly basis at union request.
  14. Supervising Communication Dispatcher
    Pay 2.5% differential when trainee is on same shift.
  15. HHS Hours of Work
    Clean up and FLSA redesignation language per County’s last proposal.  Add FLSA redesignation language to MAPE General per County’s last proposal.
  16. COVID Related Leave
    Extend COVID leaves until December 31, 2021.
  17. Side letters, Grievance Settlements, etc.
    Include in body of MOU and delete side letter:
    • Fixed Term (General/HHS)
    • After Hours/SO Technology (General)
    • Crisis Specialist (HHS)
  18. Comprehensive Proposal
    Acceptance of this package proposal would remove any and all remaining proposals/items (not addressed herein) from the table (i.e., considered withdrawn by MAPE).
  19. Labor 9/County 2: Fire Boot
    The parties have reached a tentative agreement.
  20. Labor 29: SSA Uniforms
    The parties have reached a tentative agreement

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