September 1, 2021 UPDATE

The parties reached tentative agreement on the following proposal:

1. Term of Agreement

Three years, from the date of ratification by the Board of Supervisors, 2021 – June 30, 2024

2. Wages

General Salary increase

Salaries/wages for all MAPE represented classifications shall be increased as follows:

Effective the first full pay period after approval by the Board:  1.5%

Effective the first full pay period of July 2022:  2.5% 

Effective the first full pay period of July 2023:  2.5%

3. Lump sum payment for all employees

$2,400 for all full-time employees on the payroll on the date of BOS ratification, prorated for Part-time regular hire employees based upon the employee’s FTE and prorated for Contingent Hire employees based upon the number of hours they worked in FY 20-21 as follows:

Hours Worked Pay
1,800 hours or more $1,800
1,000 or more but less than 1,800 hours $1,200
500 hours or more but less than 1,000 hours $600

This lump sum payment is for employees who are on the payroll on the date of BOS ratification. It shall be made by a separate payment from the biweekly payroll.  The payment shall not be “pensionable.”

4. Equity and parity adjustments

All proposed equity increases are in addition to the general salary increase.

  1. All proposed increases are effective the same day as the 2021 general increase unless otherwise noted.
    1. Crisis Specialists/Licensed Crisis Specialist: Increase by 6%
    2. Sign Fabricator: 4.88%
    3. 3.4.7 (GEN): 5% differential for Mobile Library Assistants and Community Library Specialists for the shifts assigned to drive the bookmobile and other mobile libraries and who are required to have a commercial driver’s license (Class B).
  2. The County will complete a salary survey for benchmark classifications by March 31, 2022. The parties will meet and confer only on the classifications that are below market AND/OR classifications with demonstrated recruitment problems. The County will make adjustments up to a maximum of $250,000 for all three MAPE contracts ongoing for the salary survey. The adjustments will be effective the first full pay period of July 2022.

5. Health Care

Bi-weekly fringe

Calendar 2022: no increase in employee only, 5% increase in employee+1 & family, and increase threshold to $75k.

Calendar 2023: For EE only, increase only if necessary to ensure County pays 100% of Kaiser silver premium. Employee+1 & family: same as Kaiser, 0-5%. Increase threshold to $77k.

Calendar 2024: For EE only, increase only if necessary to ensure County pays 100% of Kaiser silver premium. Employee+1 & family: same as Kaiser, 0-5%. Increase threshold to $79k.

6. Overtime

Add the following classifications to the carve out:

  • Building Maint. Worker series
  • Fire Mechanic
  • Child Welfare Worker Series
  • Custodian series
  • Stationary Engineer series
  • Electrician series

7. Grievance Arbitration

Alternative B: This alternative is reserved for the Union alone. An individual grievant may not choose alternative B. Provided that the County Administrator and the grievant agree on the issues to be arbitrated, or that the grievance pertains to the specific terms of any existing collective bargaining agreement, the grievance shall be determined by an arbitrator selected from a list(s) provided by State Mediation and Conciliation Services (SMCS) by mutual agreement between the County and the Union. The decisions of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on all the parties. However, the amount of the award is subject to the ratification by the Board of Supervisors if the decision requires an unbudgeted expenditure in excess of $50,000.

8. Retirement for Employees who are not in MCERA

The County shall contribute to the OBRA/PST (safe harbor) for all Part-time regular hire employees who are not eligible to be members of MCERA as follows:

Effective the first full pay period in January, 2022, County will pay 3 % of applicable salary to the OBRA/PST.

These payments shall be in addition to the payments the employees make.

9. Disaster Leave

The County will approve up to three (3) working days paid administrative leave in any twelve (12) month period when the employee’s primary residence located in California is rendered uninhabitable due to fire, flood, or earthquake.  Requests must be approved by the CAO.  Documentation must be provided within a reasonable period of time.  If adequate documentation is not provided, leave will be charged against any of the employee’s other paid time accruals.

10. APS Administrative Response Compensation

The County will add the EMSS classification and shall Increase the Administrative Response Compensation (ARC) from $2.50 an hour to $3.50 an hour effective the same day as the first year pay raise.

11. FLSA Redesignation

If the County redesignates positions from FLSA exempt to FLSA nonexempt, affected employees shall be able to use the balance of their Professional Leave they have at the time of the redesignation during the fiscal year in which they are redesignated in the manner set forth in Article 3.8.5 (general) and section IX. C (HHS).

12. Jail Assignment Differential

Add Sr. Custodian, Custodian, and Environmental Compliance Specialists to coverage under this section.

13. Holidays for employees who work an Alternative Work Week

The Communication Dispatchers will receive two-and-one half (2.5) times their regular pay rate when they "work beyond" eight (8) hours on a holiday/designated holiday (i.e. hours 9 through 12).

All hours worked beyond 12 hours will be paid at double time and one half per existing contract language.

14. Sliding Classifications

Collection Officer I and I Series

In Year 1 of the agreement (FY 21-22), the County will create a sliding classification for Collection Officer I to Collection Officer II, only.  During the term of the 2021-2024 agreement, the County will create a Senior Collection Officer classification to create a career ladder. 

15. Bilingual Classifications

Reclassify all employees who are in a non-bilingual classification for which there is a bilingual analog. Those employees shall be reclassified into the bilingual classification if they meet the criteria to be paid the bilingual differential. Going forward, all employees hired into classifications for which there is a non-bilingual classification, and an analog bilingual classification shall be hired into the bilingual classification if they meet the criteria to be paid bilingual differential.

16. Contingent Hire paid holiday

Holidays - work on a holiday by Contingent Hire employees

  1. Clarify that time and one half is paid for all hours Contingent Hires work on a holiday including those beyond 7.5 or 8, depending upon the classification.

17. License Reimbursement

Add the following classifications to existing language of MOU.

MAPE General:

  • Public Defender classifications
  • Clinical Psychologist classifications
  • Staff Psychiatrist


  • Mental Health Practitioner
  • Mental Health Practitioner Bilingual
  • Licensed Crisis Specialist

This language applies to all Regular Hire employees, full-time and part-time, in these classifications.

18. Behavioral Health Care Assistants who work in the Crisis Stabilization Unit

Modify class from 37.5 to 40-hour classification. Joint petition to modify unit/include in HHS MOU. Apply following provisions of MAPE HHS MOU (as currently numbered) in BHCA, cleaning up language as currently proposed:

  1. Behavioral Health Care Assistants who work in the Crisis Stabilization Unit will be paid overtime for hours worked beyond their shift.
  2. Behavioral Health Care Assistants who work in the Crisis Stabilization Unit will be paid at time and one half.
  3. The Side Letter to the HHS Agreement concerning working through breaks shall apply to Behavioral Health Care Assistants who work in the Crisis Stabilization Unit.
  4. The County agrees to include this classification during the March 31, 2022 salary survey.

19. Nurses working consecutive shifts

Increase the additional payment for working two consecutive shifts from $175 to $200.

20. Joint Labor-Management Committee to address career development and recruitment and retention

The parties will create a MAPE joint labor/management committee with an equal number of union and management members appointed that will meet on a quarterly basis to discuss career development.

21. Side Letters — Settlements

The following shall be incorporated into the body of the contract:

  1. Fixed Term (HHS/GEN)
    Fixed Term Assignment
    Fixed term appointments are limited to an initial term not to exceed three (3) years and allow for extensions that may result in a maximum term no greater than five (5) years.  Before granting extensions that result in the fixed term appointment represented by MAPE exceeding three (3) years, the County and MAPE will meet to discuss possible alternatives to the extension. The requirement to hold such a discussion does not constitute a duty to meet and confer and shall not cause an undue delay to the approval of the fixed-term extension.
  2. Add to Compensation for Work on a Holiday (GEN)
    All employees who work for the Sheriff’s Office who have an alternative work schedule who work in a seven day per week/twenty-four hour per day operation and who occupy a classification that is regularly scheduled to work a full shift on a half (1/2) day holiday (or alternative holiday as defined in section 3.7.2) will be paid as follows for all hours worked on a half day holiday:
    • The first half of the regularly scheduled hours worked will be paid at straight-time.
    • The second half of the regularly scheduled hours will be paid at time and one-half.
    • The employee will be compensated with a paid holiday according to his/her job class (4 hours for 80 hour employees, 3.75 hours for 75 hour employees).
    • Pursuant to Section 3.7.6, all hours worked beyond the employee’s regularly scheduled shift will be paid at two and one half times.
    Further, the parties recognize that the description in this Agreement for compensating employees who work on a half-day holiday is an exception to the manner that other MAPE-represented employees who are not covered by this Agreement are compensated for work performed on a half-day holiday.

The following shall be left as a side letter:

  1. Career Development

22. Communication Dispatcher Training Officer Pay

Pay 2.5% differential when trainee is on the same shift.

23. COVID Leave

Extend to December 31, 2021. No obligation to provide additional leave. No “double dipping”. For example, if the State mandates COVID leave, the amount the County has already allocated would credit against the State’s required allocation.

Side Letter OK.

24. Incorporation of the Settlement dated 8/20/2019 as it relates to Crisis Specialists and Overtime

25. Comprehensive Proposal

Acceptance of this package proposal would remove any and all remaining proposals/items (not herein addressed) from the table.

26. Tentative Agreements

All other tentative agreements signed to date: 

  1. Fire Boots
  2. SSA Uniforms
  3. FLSA Workweek
  4. Cell Phone Reimbursement
  5. HHS Hours of Work, etc.
  6. Sheriff’s Office Tech After Hours
  7. Footwear/Uniform
  8. Dispatch Alternative Holiday observance
  9. Library rest breaks
  10. Personal to Professional Leave Language

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