Here are videos of County of Marin employees in action, serving as a Disaster Service Workers, as part of the County’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Under State law (California Government Code Section 3.100), all County employees are Disaster Service Workers (DSW). Should a disaster occur, County employees may be asked to help with the response and recovery activities of the County of Marin.

If you are a person with a disability and require an accommodation to participate in the County DSW program, please contact the Employee and Labor Relations Unit at  (415) 473-6104 (voice) or  (415) 473-5780 (TDD/TTY).

 Emergency Employee Hotline: (415) 473-6000

In the event of a declared disaster or an emergency event where the County of Marin responds, your first job is to ensure the safety of your family. Next, you will follow the DSW reporting instructions and contact your supervisor. You may be needed to perform general duties such as clerical support, damage assessment, driving, food preparation, sorting, packing, or loading. You may also have more specialized duties, depending on the work you do every day, and/or any special skills you may possess. Let Human Resources or  the Office of Emergency Services (OES) know if you have special skills you do not use in your regular job, such as language skills, a commercial driver’s license, or CPR training.

Remember, as a DSW you will never be asked to perform any duty or function you do not know how to perform or have not received adequate training to complete.

If you are at work: During a declared emergency event while at work, report immediately to your department supervisor or head to your department's designated staging/meeting area.

If you are at home: During a declared emergency event while you are at home or otherwise away from work, first ensure the safety of your family. Then follow your department's emergency planning and/or DSW reporting instructions, including:

  • Listen to the radio to receive possible reporting instructions (KCBS 740AM or 106.9FM);
  • Contact your immediate supervisor in your chain of command to receive reporting instructions;
  • Follow the procedures for reporting to your normal work location or designated Staging Area; and
  • Be sure to have your County Identification card with you. Your County ID will serve as your DSW Identification Card.
  • Disaster Service Worker FAQs

Be Aware and Prepare