Learning & Organizational Development (L&OD) promotes individual and organizational excellence through innovative opportunities. Our mission is to become a more adaptive organization where we encourage engagement, learning, and leadership at all levels.

We are dedicated to supporting impactful learning experiences for all County employees and strive to instill a learning culture to ensure that Marin County has a qualified engaged workforce that attracts and retains visionary public servants.

As public servants, we must be committed to enrich the lives of our residents, by creating and sustaining a diverse, culturally responsive, innovative, and effective workplace culture that provides excellence for the communities served, our partners, and each other. The following programs are just a synopsis of the support and empowerment provided to staff.

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

The County’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is a resource that helps broaden training and development opportunities for staff. TAP supports and encourages County employees to expand their knowledge, increase their marketable skills, and advance their careers within the County by offering up to $3,000 per FY in tuition reimbursement assistance to qualified, regular hire and limited-term, employees meeting application qualifications.


Leadership development is an essential part of preparing future leaders and sustaining existing leaders with the tools needed to influence and empower others, lead change, and inspire innovation. Some of the development offered include:

  • A Leadership Academy offered by the County in partnership with Dominican University. The Academy is a customized accredited program that assists participants in building leadership skills and confidence to increase participant’s capacity throughout the organization.
  • Our Supervision Bootcamp includes a series of sessions designed to support new and experienced supervisors/managers to be successful in the County. The Bootcamp provides core foundational knowledge of personnel management regulations and procedures, coaching for improved performance, strategic thinking, political acumen, alignment, accountability, and tools to navigate interpersonal conflict. Also, participants can select electives including, StrengthsFinder, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Inspirational Leadership & Engagement, and Trystorming techniques.
  • The Aspiring & Emerging Leaders Series is designed for new and aspiring leaders to explore that true leadership is about influence, and the pathway to leadership is knowing yourself and cultivating a growth mindset.
    An organizational chart nor the lack of having “supervisor” or “manager” in your title, is not a limit to your ability to exhibit exemplary leadership skills. The A&E Series will specifically address leadership at all levels by providing you with critical tools to prepare you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities + attitude (KSA+a) to expand your base and motivate you to effectively lead.

Individual Development

The development of our employees ensures that they are prepared to perform their duties with an eye towards innovation, by providing opportunities for continuous growth and development. These offerings include both competency-based and compliance sessions:

Accountability Diversity, Inclusion, Equity & Belonging Project Management
Adaptability Effective Communication Result-Based Accountability (Data Gathering & Analysis)
Change Agent & Allies Emotionally Intelligence Resilience
Change Management Financial Acumen & Fiscally Responsibility Result Orientation
Civic Engagement & Customer-Centric Innovation Self-Development
Coaching Interpersonal Relations Strategic Thinking
Collaborating Across & Up Performance Management Technical & Business Writing and Software
Conflict Management Political Savvy & Astuteness Work-Life Integration


  • New Employee Orientation:Every new county employee is required to attend the NEO which includes an orientation to Marin County, our structure, and an overview of countywide initiatives, employee groups, and an introduction to executive leadership.
  • Benefits Overview: The Human Resources, Benefits & Wellness Division will meet with new employees to review County benefits and assist with enrollment completion.
  • Harassment & Abuse Conduct Prevention: Under California law, all employees are required to be trained to recognize workplace harassment, understand their role in preventing and responding to harassment and abusive conduct in the workplace. Our session includes an introduction to diversity and inclusion (D&I) principals and best practices to support a civil workplace culture.
  • Cultural Competency & Intelligence: Through reflection, discussions, and group activities, this session will provide a foundational understanding ofsocial identities, inclusion and bias then, explore how to articulate and apply productive discourse around issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion - in a way that deepens staff’s understanding of ourselves as individuals, our peers, and the communities served throughout Marin.
  • Disaster Services Worker Introduction to roles and responsibilities as designated DSWs.
  • Reasonable Suspicion: Session informs managers on how to make fair & reasonable assessment when there are concerns related to drug or alcohol use in the workplace