Board and commission members serve in an advisory role to help to direct policy by making suggestions and recommendations to their local elected policymakers and government management. This system of commissions is intended to be representative of, and responsive to, the communities they serve. Appointive commissions exist within the County as a whole, as well as the cities and towns, special districts and joint exercise of power authorities. Some positions are created by local elected officials and others are mandated by state statute. Each commission has an issue, policy and/or program focus representing its constituencies and, generally, commission appointees represent defined communities of interest.

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  • Human Rights Commission

    The Human Rights Commission’s mission is to promote a community based on social justice, with equality for all, and to eliminate discrimination based on race, religion, color, age, ancestry, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, place of birth, national origin, or disability. To this end the Commission shall provide a public forum, serve as a resource to the community, and advise the Board of Supervisors on human rights issues. The duties of the Human Rights Commission are further described in the Marin County Code.

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  • Marin Women's Commission

    The purpose of the Marin Women's Commission is to work to promote equal opportunity, economic independence, and access to resources for Marin County women through advocacy, research and partnership with agencies that serve women. The duties of the Women’s Commission include studying problems, consulting with the Board of Supervisors, preparing information, advising and counseling residents as well as County, State, and Federal officials concerning matters related to discrimination against women and the violation of women's rights. The Commission may also conduct hearings and recommend improvements in related programs. The duties of the Marin Women's Commission are further described in the Marin County Code.

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  • Personnel Commission

    The Personnel Commission serves as a planning and policy advisory body to the Board of Supervisors, County Administrator, and Human Resources Director on all phases of the County's personnel program, including the Merit System. The commission may investigate and conduct hearings on County personnel administration matters and make recommendations for improving the quality of such administration. The Personnel Commission is further described in the County's Personnel Management Regulation (PMR) 3.

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