The County of Marin Equal Employment Plan is its road map to address any issues of underutilization identified in the Equal Employment Report as well as to outline proactive approaches to meeting its Equal Employment Opportunity goals consistent with its policies, the consent decree, any federal and state requirements, and its commitment to a diverse workforce.

A determination of statistical underutilization of certain groups of individuals may indicate:

  • The need for further inquiry to ascertain whether there has been specific, prior discrimination in hiring practices;
  • The need to evaluate applicable hiring criteria to ensure that they are reasonably job-related and do not arbitrarily exclude members of any underutilized group; and
  • The need for inclusive outreach efforts to ensure that members of any underutilized group have equal opportunity to seek employment with the affected department.

This section of the EEO Report and Plan consists of a barrier analysis, general and specific action steps, internal auditing and reporting procedures, and designation of responsibility for ensuring that the County's EEO Plan is carried out.


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