Carpoolers to the Civic Center and the Health and Wellness Campuses are eligible to register their carpool and receive a placard for preferred parking at these locations. Carpoolers requesting preferred parking do not need to be enrolled in the carpool reimbursement incentive program.

Register Your Carpool for Preferred Parking

  1. Assign one trip leader to gather the car make, model, and license plates for each car that will be used by the carpool.
  2. If you plan to carpool with multiple County of Marin Employees and your carpool intends to vary vehicles for each trip, please include all vehicles in the carpool on the registration form.
  3. Download the Preferred Parking Carpool Registration Form and submit the requested carpool member information for each member of your carpool. Please complete only one carpool registration form per carpool. It is not necessary to complete all six of the member information sections - fill out only the member sections that you need.
  4. Submit your registration form. You may return the completed form to CDA - RideGreen Program, 3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 308, San Rafael CA 94903 or via email.
  5. Each carpool will be assigned an orange placard allowing County of Marin employees to park in reserved carpool zones. The carpool placard allows you to park only in reserved carpool zones, and is not valid in two-hour parking zones. The three reserved carpool zones are marked Reserved For Employee Carpools Only. Parking is on a first come, first served basis.

Designated Preferred Parking Zones

The three reserved carpool zones for use by registered preferred parking carpools only are located at:

  • Civic Center's Hall of Justice
  • Civic Center's Administration Building
  • Kerner Blvd. Wellness Center

Preferred Parking Carpool Rules

  1. A carpool is defined as at least one benefits eligible County of Marin Employee plus another County of Marin employee or non-County of Marin employee traveling between one's home and place of work, and where the County of Marin employee's commute ends at a County office or facility (e.g., the Nicasio Corporation Yard, Sheriff Stations, Fire Stations, Libraries, etc.).
  2. All carpool members must be registered. Each carpool is assigned one carpool placard number, and each member of the carpool will be given a placard upon availability.
  3. Only one vehicle from a registered carpool may be parked in a reserved carpool zone at any one time. Two cars displaying placards with the same number parked in reserved carpool zones at the same time will be ticketed.
  4. The placard must hang from your rearview mirror with the carpool number facing you. Vehicles parked in reserved spaces not displaying an assigned carpool placard will be ticketed.
  5. Modified or reproduced placards will not be honored and vehicle owners using modified or reproduced placards will be subject to disciplinary actions
  6. If you do not carpool to work on a particular day, you cannot use the placard to park in a reserved carpool space that day, and may be ticketed for doing so.
  7. Emergency Ride Home Program. Any employee using alternative modes to commute, including carpoolers, can access a guaranteed ride home in the event of an emergency when carpooling is not available for the trip home.  
  8. Agreement. Failure to adhere to the above preferred parking carpool rules may result in a vehicle citation, revocation of carpool placard, and loss of reserved, preferential parking. It is the responsibility of all County of Marin carpool members to report any changes of their registration information to the RideGreen Program. If you stop carpooling, assigned carpool placards must be returned. Placards are not transferable.

For further questions, or if you are experiencing difficulty filling out this form please contact the RideGreen Program.

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