What Is My Incentive?

What's better than skipping the highway traffic jam? Skipping traffic and boosting your health while biking to work! Visit the carpool/bike incentive page to learn more

Bike Lockers at The Civic Center

There are three areas available for you to store your bike while you work. Please bring your own lock for all bike racks and lockers, and park at your own risk. Should demand exceed bike storage supply, please let us know at the RideGreen Program.

Middle Arch Hall of Justice Wave Rack — This bike rack is also open to the public.

South Arch Admin Building Employee Only Bike Lockers — First come, first serve. Please bring your own lock.

South Arch Admin Building U-Rack — This bike rack is also open to the public.

Showers at The Civic Center

County employees who ride their bike to work are also able to sign up for shower use at the Civic Center.

  • Showers are currently located in the Civic Center at women’s restroom #201 (end of 2nd floor hallway) and men’s restroom #231 (next to Civic Center Cafeteria).  Neither shower room is marked but do need a key to enter. The restrooms are not affected if there is someone in the shower.  There is changing space in the shower room and hooks for clothes and towels.
  • Request Civic Center employee shower key by downloading and filling out the Employee Shower Key Application Form.
  • Submit the form via interoffice mail to Public Works Building Maintenance.
  • Call (415) 473-6576 if you have any questions.

Resources to Help With Your Bike Commute

Google Maps is a great tool to search for bike routes and provides a map view that highlights bicycle-friendly roads and more. To find a bike route:

  1. Go to Google Maps.
  2. Click on the Menu button, and select "Bicycling".
  3. Type in your destination in the "Search Google Maps" bar.
  4. Click "Directions" and enter where you will depart from.
  5. Google Maps will provide you with the best bike route.

Are you new to bicycling and don't know where to start? Walk Bike Marin has useful information for someone getting started as a bike commuter. It includes information on selecting and how to properly fit equipment and clothing you might need, along with techniques to improve your enjoyment and personal safety as a cyclist or pedestrian.

511.org’s Bike Commuting 101 Page includes additional information about bringing your bike on transit and an interactive bike map to help you plan your route.

For more information, visit the RideGreen FAQs.

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