The recruitment process includes advertising the position, accepting applications, and evaluating candidates with the goal of establishing an eligible list for the position. The sections below provide information to assist hiring managers during this phase of the recruitment and selection process.

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  • Announce Recruitment

    Now that your recruitment is active, it is time to implement your outreach plan. Your specific role in implementing the outreach plan will depend on what you have agreed upon with your Recruitment Analyst. Human Resources has partnerships with outside agencies to post announcements, however if you have memberships to certain cites or have other advantages in posting that HR's partners do not, your role may include posting online announcements in addition to personally sourcing candidates.

    Connecting with Your Professional Network

    Reaching out to your professional network is a great way to source candidates. You can typically rely on your colleagues to make solid referrals since the candidates they refer can reflect positively or negatively on their own judgment. Let people in your professional network know what kind of candidate you are looking for and what the position includes so they can reach out effectively.

    When sourcing through your professional network, it is important to keep the following in mind:

    • You can communicate with candidates to help them learn more about the position and the County while they consider if the position is right for them.
    • All candidates need to successfully go through the same application and examination steps in order to make the recruitment’s eligible list.
    • Candidates cannot be promised a selection interview. Since all candidates must go through the same recruitment and examination steps, it is possible that they may not succeed or rank high enough to be referred to you for selection.
    • Candidates cannot be provided with any advantage (ideal answers to questions, confidential recruitment information, etc.) to help them through the recruitment or examination steps.
  • Reviewing & Evaluating Applicants

    A hiring manager’s participation in the review of applications and subsequent evaluation steps may vary by recruitment and/or by department, but it is common for hiring managers to at least be involved in reviewing minimum qualifications because it allows the hiring manager to become familiar with the quality and quantity of the applicant pool in order to make informed decisions regarding next steps in the recruitment process.

    Your assigned Recruitment Analyst will walk you through your roles in other examination steps as the need arises.

    Reviewing Demographic Data

    Once you complete each review and examination step, it is important to review the demographic data to see if there are any unintended impacts on protected gender or minority groups. Demographic data is available from your Recruitment Analyst, and they can guide you through the review of the data prior to moving forward in the next step of the recruitment process.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About the Recruitment Process
    1. What are some of the best ways to reach out to my network? Will I have any materials to provide to colleagues and potential candidates?

      You can reach out to your professional network in several ways, through social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), direct emailing, phone calls, and meeting with people in person. Your Recruitment Analyst will provide you and your department with a .pdf version of the recruitment flyer that you can send through your network in addition to having the recruitment posted on the County's jobs page.