The hiring process includes extending an offer of employment, wrapping up the recruitment and sending notifications, and onboarding the selected candidate. The sections below provide resources and information to assist hiring managers in the hiring phase of the recruitment and selection process.

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  • Making a Job Offer

    Once you have decided who you would like to hire/promote for the position(s), your selected candidate(s) must receive an offer letter.  Templates below are available for your use, all you need to do is enter the pertinent details and transfer it to your department’s letterhead.  Candidates do not need to sign the letter to accept the offer.

    Notify Candidates who are Not Selected

    All candidates who interviewed in the selection process must be notified of their final status in the recruitment.  There are “Interviewed Not Selected” email templates included in NEOGOV OHC for you to use. If you are notifying final candidates that they have not been selected, it is highly recommended that you notify them in person or over the phone prior to sending out the email notice.


  • Updating the Referral in NEOGOV

    Updating the referral in NEOGOV OHC provides the HR Analyst with the necessary information to approve your final hiring decision and other team members in your department with an updated status of your selection process. The information in the referral includes indicating the status of each candidate, notifications sent to the candidates from OHC, as well as providing ratings and comments for each candidate.

  • Background Checks
    A background check may be required for your position as part of the conditional offer of employment. If the background check is required, the check must be completed before the selected candidate can begin employment. Check with your department's admin team or HR Analyst to see if a background check is required.
  • Onboarding

    Effective onboarding is key to a new employee’s success, it can help employees connect to the organization and their role and impact their job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and higher performance levels. For information regarding the onboarding process including your role, please see connect with your HR Analyst and your department's admin team.

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring
    1. I have a candidate who has superior qualifications coming into the position, what can I do to recognize this in their employment offer?
    2. There are a few options under the Recruitment Enhancements to recognize superior qualifications or hard to fill positions including advanced salary placement upon hire, initial sick leave balance, relocation allowance, or other department specific options. Contact your HR Analyst if you have questions on how to submit a Recruitment Enhancements request.