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What Is My Incentive?

Join a vanpool to the County of Marin! This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a better commute. A vanpool was recently formed from Vallejo. There is significant interest in vanpools from West Sacramento, Hercules/Pinole, El Cerrito and San Francisco as well.

What is a vanpool? A vanpool is typically a group of 5-15 people who regularly travel together to work 30 miles or more (roundtrip) using a van. Typically, riders pay a regular fare and maintenance fee. Marin Transit Connect and the County have partnered with Enterprise Rideshare National to offer vanpools to County employees.

  • Riders can join on select days and be flexible about the days they want to ride each week.
  • Get the time you spent commuting back in your day to catch up on work, sleep, or relax!
  • Save on your commute costs by splitting fare and fuel with pretax dollars.
  • Take advantage of the Bay Area Vanpool Program to earn $350/month toward your vanpool fare.
  • Each benefitted County employee receives $40 per month in RideGreen incentive toward their portion of the vanpool fare.
  • Vanpools may register to park in preferred parking spaces.
  • County employees are supported by the Emergency Ride Home Program in the event of an emergency.
  • It is important to note that vanpools are not considered work vehicles, and participating employees are not acting within the course and scope of their employment while commuting. Time spent commuting will not be counted towards work hours.

Learn more about vanpooling! To receive subsidies for the following month, the vanpool needs to be formed by the 10th day of the prior month. Please contact Christopher Knoll of Commute With Enterprise to receive more details and get started in a vanpool.

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The Vanpool Incentive Process

  1. Contact Christopher Knoll of Commute With Enterprise to receive more details and get started in a vanpool.
  2. You will receive details on the determined fare and maintenance fee amount along with a Participant ID and Vanpool ID.
  3. Create an Optum Financial account at to pay for vanpools. For instructions on how to create and manage a Optum Financial account, follow the Optum Financial Commuter Benefits Instructions.
  4. Vanpool orders must be placed by the 10th of each month.

Don't forget, vanpoolers can also request preferred parking at the Civic Center and the Health and Wellness Center!

For more information, visit the RideGreen FAQs.

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